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Microsoft Windows Server Datacenter - Description

What is Microsoft Windows Server Datacenter?

Windows Server Datacenter is the ultimate operating system choice for businesses seeking unparalleled scalability and enterprise-level performance. Designed to meet the demands of complex network infrastructures, it provides advanced features and services that elevate productivity to new heights. With comprehensive security measures, efficient management tools, and limitless virtualization capabilities, Windows Server Datacenter empowers organizations to achieve optimal operational efficiency and maximize resource utilization. Unlock the full potential of your infrastructure with Windows Server Datacenter, the cornerstone of modern data centers. Need an explanation on how using virtual machines with Datacenter works? Take a look at our Datacenter & Virtual Machines guide.


How do I license Microsoft Windows Server Datacenter?

Licensing Windows Server Datacenter is a straightforward process that grants you access to the extensive capabilities of this powerful operating system. To license Windows Server Datacenter, you need to acquire a license for every physical processor on your server. This allows you to run an unlimited number of virtual instances on that server, enabling optimal resource utilization and scalability. With Windows Server Datacenter licensing, you gain access to advanced features, high-performance virtualization, and robust management tools, empowering your organization to build and manage a highly efficient and flexible data center infrastructure. To find out what licenses you need for your environment, check out our Window Server Licensing Calculator.


If you have any questions on how Windows Server Datacenter works or which license(s) you should use for your system, contact one of our US-based Microsoft licensing engineers via email, phone, or chat.