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Visual Studio 2017 is Out!

Visual Studio 2017 is Out!

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What's Changed in Visual Studio 2017?

Developers all are familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio from it's prior renditions. Being one of the most commonly used developmental program with multiple language support, Microsoft Visual Studio has become an industry leader for building frameworks and elements essential to business. So with a newer edition on the loose, the first question everyone wants to know is what applicable features did it bring to the table? 

Some of the things we noticed immediately:

  • The debugging and test experience has been improved, making it easier than ever and more thorough than ever to not only help locate, but help solve issues and bugs.
  • Integration with cloud services - new integration with .NET Core, Azure applications, Docker containers among other features. There isn't much need to worry about delay or hang up from any of your connecting elements.
  • Improved language support - Regardless of the language you choose to work with, Microsoft has appeared to put more of a focus on providing support for even languages such as javascript.
  • More efficient design - Visual Studio now has a smaller footprint and faster responsiveness from top to bottom, making it easier to maximize productivity. 

Take a look at Microsoft's comparison of the different editions of Visual Studio 2017

Overall, the improvements done to app development and cloud integration will definitely pay off if those are the primary focuses of your IDE. New support for multiple languages gives DevOps much more flexibility to create different solutions..

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