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Project Online Support with Project 2013 has Ended!

Project Online Support with Project 2013 has Ended!

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Are you using Project Online?

The time to upgrade is now!

You may have noticed that Microsoft has just recently discontinued support for connectivity with their on premise Project 2013 software with Project Online.

The deadline was extended from February to June 30, 2017 and many users have made the switch to the updated version of the project management software. Mainstream support will still be available for users who have purchased a perpetual license for Project 2013 Standard or Professional until 4/10/2018.

Your friendly neighborhood nerds at Trusted Tech Team want to keep your business on schedule with as little downtime as possible! 

What can you do to fix this?

In order to regain your connection to Project Online, you will want to make sure you have upgraded your software to a supported Project 2016 or Office 365 build. If you are running the 365 version (Project Online Professional or Project Online Premium) you should be in luck, as these suites have preferential and frequent updates with Microsoft.

It is always recommended to have the most up-to-date version of an application to ensure that your software is always connected.

You are still able to use your software

If you plan on keeping an older version of Project, fear not! You are still able to utilize the software locally without connecting to Project Online. 

There are some added features that Project 2016 boasts that may be worth the upgrade including:

  • Resource Engagements - grants the resource manager the ability to approve or reject requests submitted in an engagement, creating a simple workflow.


  • Resource Manager Experience - Project Online now has an area for the resource manager to view and approve or reject resource contracts.


  • Resource Capacity Heat Maps - A new feature in Project Online that allows resource managers to view and ensure that resources are well utilized and productive. Heat Maps show both over- and under-utilized resources.
  • Timelines - New features that help timeline visualization:
    1. Independent start/end dates for each timeline.
    2. Drag and drop between different timelines.
    3. Save to PowerPoint with editable objects.

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