Is Office 2010 Still Heavily Utilized?

Is Office 2010 Still Heavily Utilized?

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The nerds here at Trusted Tech Team love analytics! In a recent study we performed alongside our customers, we found that 64% of customers still prefer the look, feel, and installation process of Office 2010. The number was so astounding that we wanted to dig a little deeper and figure out why that was the case.

Out of those 64% of customers, 73% preferred the installation process and ease of activation over the newer version. The biggest factor, without question was that Microsoft Office 2010 does not require a Microsoft account - meaning you don't need to register your personal information in their database. All you need is a product key code, installation file, and you're all set. 

57% stated that they are used to the appearance of Office 2010 and know where to find all the tools/utilities they frequently use on a daily basis. Office 2010 has a very similar feel to Office 2013/2016 and we personally agree with the long-standing love for this suite. Office 2010 is also still continuing to receive security updates until 2020. Re-installation is allowed in the case of a hardware failure or change of computers so no need to worry!


Let us know what your thoughts are or send us any questions you might have!

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