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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Terms You Need to Know

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Terms You Need to Know

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What is the Difference Between AI & ML?


Though the Artificial Intelligence of great sci-fi and dystopian novels has not quite reached us in 2018, the technology is still a part of our daily lives. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Chinese companies like Alibaba and Baidu have been duking it out over who will become the world leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), while Carnegie Melon just announced the first-ever undergraduate degree in AI.

With these technological advancements, we hear terms such as AI, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), and Internet of Things (IoT) come up more frequently. One of the biggest misconceptions amongst these terms is knowing the difference between AI and ML, as many people consider the terms interchangeable. However, these terms all have distinct meanings of their own, and we are here to help ease the confusion.

This guide is designed to give some broad definitions of AI and Machine Learning. If you are interested, check out these posts on Medium for more depth on Machine Learning and AI examples and Neural Networks, as well as deep learning and synthetic data.



As companies continue the race to AI, more technologies for Machine Learning development are becoming open to the public. Google Cloud AutoML and TensorFlow, Amazon Sagemaker, and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio are all open-source, Machine Learning platforms where anyone can work to build an AI device, from a home assistant to a bear-identifying machine. In short, the future is here, and as more companies jump onboard the AI bandwagon, they will need to utilize Machine Learning to the best of their ability.



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